Company Histry

February 1947, Company is established at Nagashino-cho,Chiryu-city.
Part of sewing machine is begun to produced.
Feburary 1958, Acquisition of JIS certification of part of sewing machine.
July 1962, Cutting manufacturing of part of automobile is begun.
July 1969, Kurata iron works co.,ltd is established.
October 1981, Both side cutter machine is begun to sold.
December 1988, Electric device machine is begun to sold.
May 1993, Name of the company is changed into Kurata Co.,Ltd.
Febrary 1997, 50th anniversary.
June 2003, Acquisition of ISO 9001.
October 2004, Takahama branch begins production.
Feburary 2007, 60th anniversary.
April 2007, Expansion of Takhama branch,2nd factry of Takahama branch begins production.
June 2009, Acquisition of ISO 9001:2008.
July 2012, KURATA MANUFACTURING(THAILAND)Co.,Ltd.is established.
Kurata Co.,LTD.